3 Making Strange

By changing the way we experience the world, scuba diving makes the familiar strange. How can scuba diving change the way you experience everyday life?  This book explores the professional, pop-cultural and personal experiences of scuba diving and scuba divers. Dive Log: The Sunken Forest White Star Quarry. Second dive of the day. I slip […]

Chapter 0

Preface Scuba diving offers us a way of understanding ourselves, our relationships with technology and the world.  With scuba gear, our body incorporates technology and becomes augmented. When we descend into the depths, we leave behind the familiar contours of everyday life.  When we return to the surface, we find the familiar world illuminated in new […]


GIRL ON THE OCEAN FLOOR [Academic post by Kevin Williams; some references forthcoming.  Several pictures used under academic and journalistic provisions of the American copyright act.  A work in progress. Draft 7/31/17]  These sites are musically scored for a heightened multimedia experience. Music by K Williams Some citations are still p “I am a man” […]


  Scuba diving is a relatively safe experience.  However, diving is not without peril. When thinking about trying scuba diving, being prepared to run, not walk, not swim, but run screaming. There are good reasons for your apprehension. Consider: ruptured ear drums, arterial gas embolism, pulmonary barotrauma, subcutaneous emphysema, mediastinal emphysema, pneumothorax, suffocation, drowning, death, […]


We populate a world preconfigured by our predecessors.  Even the “natural” world appears configured the mythic imaginations of ancestry. The ‘natural’ world is a human design—”natureculture” Haroway)     To consider scuba diving as an act of communication with ourselves and the sea, and communion with the world, it’s important to take stock of the […]